100% Silk Relaxation Sleeping Mask-19mm-Strips n Checkboard Patterns-Oversize

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Experience the epitome of relaxation and elegance wherever you go with our 100% Silk Eye Mask. Crafted from opulent 19mm thick and good quality silk, this eye mask promises a lavish and comfortable escape into serenity. Each eye mask is filled with 100% silk as well, show casing a high-quality natural product.

The sumptuous silk used in our eye mask not only feels luxurious against your skin but also provides a timeless design that exudes sophistication. Available in an array of colors, and the modern unique checkboard or stripes patterns, this eye mask allows you to tailor your relaxation experience to your style, making it an ideal companion for your journeys.

This Oversize model is 23x11cm

Treat yourself to the ultimate in eye care and relaxation, perfect for both home and travel.

Made to order: Each eyemask is carefully stitched to the highest quality.

  • Take care of your 100% silk products by washing them in cold water, in handwash mode, and do not trumble.
  • Please note: Colours may vary slightly from the images shown.

100% silk, 19momme

Wash your silk items by hand in cold water to maintain their quality.
Avoid rubbing or wringing them.
After washing, lay them flat in the shade to dry.
This keeps them soft and in great shape for longer.

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Why choose 100% silk eye mask?

Silk's unmatched softness and gentle texture make it ideal for the sensitive skin around your eyes, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. Its smooth surface prevents irritation and creases on your skin, while its natural breathability keeps you cool throughout the night.

Silk's hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for all skin types, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or discomfort. With a silk eye mask, you can indulge in luxurious comfort and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized every morning.

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