About Us

CiCi’De Jewelry Amsterdam was created by Cecile. As a real jewelry lover, she has always enjoyed choosing the right pieces and accessories to match her daily outfits. She firmly believes that picking exactly the right jewelry can take any outfit to the next level and give oneself an extra boost of confidence. 

If the right jewelry had the power to make her feel special and confident, it could help others as well. With this idea in mind, Cecile decided it was time to share her passion and launched CiCi’De Jewelry, selling unique earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other items to match different outfits and hairstyles. 

Cecile’s pick: modern minimalist and affordable jewelry to light up your life!

From elegant demi-fine jewelry to playful fashion jewelry products, CiCi’De Jewelry provides a beautiful range of pieces to fit every occasion. 

With the hope that her passion and enthusiasm are reflected in every single jewelry piece and accessory she offers, Cecile strives to bring delight and joy to anyone who wears them.

Cici's choice of jewellery!