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Wrap around earring - Large ear cuff - One piece

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Fall in love with this large ear cuff and easily add some flair to any outfit. This unisex ear cuff is a complete showstopper. Designed to gracefully follow the natural shape of the ear, this bold statement ear cuff displays a stunning geometric fluid form.

This wrap around earring is crafted in a way that allows you to adjust it left/right and up/down to achieve the perfect fit. Plus, with no ear piercing required, this accessory is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their look without the commitment of a permanent piercing.

Crafted from high-quality brass and gold plated using vacuum plating technology, this big ear cuff not only displays a beautiful silver finish but also ensures durability and lasting shine. You do not need to worry about your gold ear cuff getting discolored over time. 

So, why wait? Choose between our White gold and Gold ear cuff earrings, and treat yourself to this creative and stylish ear cuff that's comfortable to wear and adjustable to fit your unique style. Add it to your jewelry collection today and enjoy the compliments that come with it!

How to wear ear cuffs?

Wearing ear cuffs is a simple way to accessorize without needing piercings. To wear them, gently slide the ear cuff onto the outer ear cartilage, aiming for a snug but comfortable fit. Ear cuffs can be worn individually for a minimalist look or stacked for a more dramatic effect. Experiment with placement and mix and match different styles to express your unique sense of style and fashion.

Brass on gold/silver plated


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Gold Vermeil

What is Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil is a legally regulated term that refers to gold-plated silver pieces of a certain quality standard. In order to be legally called “vermeil”, jewelry must meet ALL the following conditions: 

  1. Have a base layer made of Sterling silver.
  2. Be plated with at least 10k gold (10 karats), which means that it contains at least 41.7% pure gold.
  3. Have gold plating that is at least 2.5 microns thick. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter.
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